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Pimpinelle, Bruxelles

For those who love to cook, there’s a new kitchen supplies shop in Rue du Flandre. Falcon enamel pie dishes, Tala baking beans, copper pots, sturdy pans, and also with a little tasting corner and a kitchen at the back for cooking classes.
The shop is named Pimpinelle -after an aromatic herb- and is run by Aline, a young woman, fascinated by all things food and kitchen.
Unlike many other kitchen shops, this one doesn’t sell funny utensils, only the best of the best supplies, such as the pretty (but pricy) de Buyer cooking pots. I especially loved the wooden cutting boards, the pretty storage boxes and the shiny cupcake cases … and the quiche in the fridge looked yummy too.
In between the first part of the shop, and the kitchen at the back, you’ll find a little eatery where you can drink tea or coffee, or enjoy some sweet or savory tart. The kitchen at the back serves both as decor, and will be used for future cooking classes.
The shop has and does a little bit of everything (there will be workshops for kids for instance, and there is a small shop selling oils and sauces too). A little bit ambitious if you ask me, but I hope it turns out to be a great success!


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