Art Collection KnIndustrie made in Italy
Pesce Fresco by Stefano Pilato
Food Decoration by Elena Maccabiani

For this, the creativity that distinguishes KnIndustrie thought to bring on board a new concept of Food Decoration.
So here a decoration kit composed of two "stencil" laser-cut steel, with four different decorations and one edible gold spray can, which allows both to decorate the cakes, and dishes, dishes and tablecloths to bring the Christmas atmosphere in the kitchen and table, without permanently damaging objects that remain then in the kitchen every day.

  • the corazon dettaglio 1
  • L'ordine è disordine con scarsa fantasia
  • Stefano PIlato
  • Ivan Il Poeta Sei Tu
  • Decore your food … and turn to gold your table at christmas
Art Collection KnIndustrie made in Italy