Whitepot design by Rodolfo Dordoni KnIndustrie made in Italy stainless steel nanotech ceramic coating

On the project's formal Foodwear collection are presented in the new version with internal white nano ceramic coating and satin stainless steel 18/10 outside. Stylish and functional in the new material, the handle is made of walnut for a secure grip and an easy connection and disconnection.

The choice of types is particularly linked to specific foods, so that the accessories are provided for each theme of the series Glocal so you can compose, if desired, a set "Beyond Basic" dedicated to pasta, rice, eggs, chocolate. Each set is offered either individually or placed in a special wooden box that presents itself as a unique gift box.

Each instrument in the collection WhitePot always responds to the basic philosophy of KnIndustrie, to be very functional kitchen for preparation and cooking, and dining table to serve with elegance all the courses.

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Whitepot design by Rodolfo Dordoni KnIndustrie made in Italy