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Composizione Shabbychic

COMPOSIZIONE SHABBYCHIC KN FOOD & MOOD This composition represents the perfect proposal of controlled imperfection, where the blue appetizer plate, with it’s particular finish highlightsthe materiality of the stoneware whilst the decorated plates by Piero Lissoni, cleverly mix suggestions of the past with contemporary style, drawing inspirationfrom the poetic vision of out of tune. The […]

Composizione Materials

COMPOSIZIONE MATERIALS KN FOOD & MOOD The idea of this composition is to bring elegance to the table. The well-known “common cutting board”, used in the catering sector to serve cured meats and cheeses, is proposed here as a generous single dish, made of acacia wood. The clean silhouette of the other plates instead highlights […]

Composizione Leaves

COMPOSIZIONE LEAVES KN FOOD & MOOD With this composition, the appetizer plate from White Leaves collection does not go unnoticed; the graphic mark recalls the veins of the leaves, for a unique table setting inspired by nature. The whiteness and translucent nature of fine bone china combine with the materiality of the stoneware, thus recreating […]

Composizione Circles

COMPOSIZIONE CIRCLES KN FOOD & MOOD “The circle is the synthesis of the major oppositions. It unites concentric and eccentric in a unique shape and balance. Of the three primary shapes, it points more clearly towards the fourth dimension”[Vasilij Vasil’evič Kandinskij]The fourth composition is characterised by highly expressive elements to create a table with an […]

Solaria Gres Blu

SOLARIA GRES BLU BLUE ON THE TABLE Unique and particular, ideal for creating a truly special table top. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET

Aida gres blu

AIDA GRES BLU BLUE ON THE TABLE Unique and particular, ideal for creating a truly special table top. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET

Glass plate

GLASS PLATE DELICACY AT THE TABLE The glass plate with clean and harmonious lines is made  of borosilicate, a material that gives lightness and resistance. COMING SOON TECHNICAL SHEET

Wooden plate

WOODEN PLATES THE PERFECT APPETIZERS PLATES Made of acacia wood, the new plates are resistant,  compact, ideal for appetizers or serving cheeses. COMING SOON TECHNICAL SHEET

Materials kettles

MATERIALS KETTLES THE NEW COLLECTION OF KETTLES Materials, a collection of kettles created by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Made entirely of polished steel, mirrored, proposed in different PVD finishes, add a touch of elegance to the table. For material and shape, these products represent the perfect harmony between form and function. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL […]

Centrotavola gastronomico Fusion

CENTROTAVOLA GASTRONOMICO FUSION Rodolfo Dordoni WHEN THE TABLE BECOMES THE CENTER OF CONVIVIALITY Fusion, gastronomic centerpiece designed by Rodolfo Dordoni that combines the essence of Japanese structures with contemporary elegance. The aluminum base gives solidity and modernity, while the top in travertine or canaletto walnut evokes a sense of natural harmony. Fusion is more than […]