Queen S Be spoke

QUEEN S BE SPOKE QUEEN S BE SPOKE The Queen S collection can also be personalized. A simple characterization that makes the product unique. Personalization is lasered, choosing from the 3 proposed features. ON REQUEST


DEM Massimo Castagna DEM is a collection of table cutlery designed by Massimo Castagna, carefully made of stainless steel with a stone washedIts unmistakable sign lies in the perforation of the handles which gives an original appearance to the entire collection. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


700 Historical Archive ‘700 is a game with the past. Recovering, redesigning and playing with this antique cutlery pattern making it modern and graphic. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


‘801 An evolution of ‘800 collection A simple mise en place can be enhanced by the use of cutlery with a strong personality. KnIndustrie has drawn from its historical archive to propose a new version of the Ottocento cutlery service, inspired by a past collection that was later revisited in a modern key.  This is how ‘801 was born, […]


‘938 Historical Archive Classical, pure, part of the traditional italian culture, 938 is a collection realized in thirteen different finishes. It is a collection that has been produced since 1980 and it is still one of the SF’s best seller. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


‘800 FOUND IN A DRAWER The ‘800 cutlery has an its own story to tell.The collection takes the shape of a cutlery set  from the early 1800s found in a drawer of a table in an old  palace and reproduced respecting the aesthetics. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


FOO’D Davide Oldani, 2018 A modern, linear, refined cutlery set part of our SF collection, that includes a number of unusual and striking pieces, such as the coffee spoon with a hole in the bowl, to mix in the sugar gently, without breaking the cream on the surface of the coffee  or Passepartout, the versatile […]

Brick Lane

BRICK LANE Historical Archive The “Brick Lane” cutlery set, with its classic design and finish obtained through a rewashing with porcelain stones, takes on a warm vintage look  almost as if it came from a modern antiques market. An invitation according to the thought of KnIndustrie that encourages you to break with the customs for  a freer and more informal approach, […]


ZEST Rodolfo Dordoni, 2015 Manufactured in polished stainless steel and different pvd finishing the cutlery “Zest” is characterized by a veryrecognizable sign, with sharp emphasis placed deliberately to add an aesthetic and  “tasty”touch to the table. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET