Taglieri Scultura

TAGLIERI-SCULTURA Sirine Graiaa, 2021 SCULPTURES TO BE PUT ON DISPLAY IN THE KITCHEN Sculptures that become cutting boards, cutting boards that become sculptures: the new KnIndustrie proposal, designed by Sirine Graiaa, plays on materiality and unusual shapes, presenting a set made of heat-treated ash, with a particular cut effect on the surface creating an asymmetrical […]


ESSENZE 2021 THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF WOOD Italian walnut, pear and cherry tree are the essences chosen for the set of cutting boards, proposed to be used above all as servingtrays: the natural beauty of the wood and the shape of each piece, determined in width by the intrinsic size of the tree trunk, make […]

Pesce fresco

PESCE FRESCO Stefano Pilato, 2014 LITTLE SCULPTURES OR CUTTING BOARDS? Created by Stefano Pilato, an italian artist living in Livorno, these objects fits perfectly into kn’s idea of multifunctional objects. They can be hung on the wall and used as small decorative sculptures, turned to the other side and used as cutting boards or simply brought to the table to […]


IN/TAGLIO Lara Caffi, 2015 NEW SOPHISTICATED POSSIBILITIES A series of cutting boards / centerpiece in which an unusual contrast of the rough wood of walnut and some elements in porcelain, designed by Patricia Urquiola for the upscale catalog company Mutina, collected and secured together with a thin stainless steel base with a small board of containment. Unique objects, […]




S/LAB THE BEAUTY OF IMPERFECTION An object with a primordial, quintessential appeal, almost the archetype of the cutting board: a simple slice of a tree trunk that retains all the tangible, substantial presence of its origins, displaying the annual growth rings that indicate the age of the tree from which it was cut, a board where the […]


KN BOOK Roberto Vaia, 2019 FOOD IS CULTURE In the figurative arts, the concept of abstraction takes on the meaning of “not real”. The elements depicted do not appear as they are, their true function is concealed behind mysterious forms: art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not so. KN Book cutting boards […]


BE KNIFE KN&BERTI 2017 KN TECHNOLOGY, BERTI TRADITION Since the end of nineteenth century, Coltelleria Berti – thanks to the manual skills of its artisans – has been producing high quality knives: small handmade objects with antique shapes and made with traditional and precious materials. This experience and tradition gives the fundament to the new […]