QUADERNI Lara Caffi This collection recalls the textures created for the Fine Bone China Paesaggi line and it gives rise to innovative and creative combinations. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


IN/TAGLI Lara Caffi Intagli recalls and reinterprets the grin- ding’s traditional technique. The contrast between the cut half and the acid etched glass creates lights and shadows between the container and the content, revealing the precious glass manufacturing, for a great elegance effect. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


ASIMMETRICO Davide Oldani New elements of great expressivity to create a table with International taste.  SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


GRES New elements of great expressivity to create a table with International taste.  SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


FJORD The Nordic stylistic expressions enclosed in Fjord line create a contemporary table where creativity, aesthetic characteristics, functionality and minimalism are the main protagonists. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET

Breakfast & Lounge

BREAKFAST & LOUNGE A collection which joins together the elegance of Fine Bone China to contemporary shapes. Dedicated to quick food, to breakfastand to times for an aperitif. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


FUSION Con la serie Fusion, Schönhuber Franchi ha creato articoli dalle linee purissime in Fine Bone China, che esaltano ogni tipo di cucina, anche la più tradizionale. SHOP NOW SCHEDA TECNICA

Asiette D’O

ASIETTE D’O Davide Oldani The Assiette D’O line is the brianchild of a talented italian chef Davide Oldani.Assiette D’O stands out especially for the inspired originality of its creative vision, in which form follows and serves an exact function. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET


PAESAGGI Elisa Ossino The table is dressed up with refined decorations and delicate colours combinations thanks to the Paesaggi line.  The architectural and natural subjects are inspired by the stylistic elements used in the ancient ceramic factories. A collection full of memories, textures and colours to develop creative compositions. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET

Gres Bicolor #1

GRES BICOLOR #1 The Bicolor stoneware collection stands out for its resistance, versatility and for its essential shapes that recall the Japanese minimalism.  The contrast between white and charcoal grey or brown highlights the elegance of this line. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET