Our challenge is to reduce the plastic packaging through the use of completely recyclable and eco-sustainable cardboard boxes, free of ink.


knIndustrie is committed to reducing the use of plastic packaging by replacing it with sustainable materials by 2028, through the use of completely recyclable and eco-sustainable cardboard boxes, free of ink. The new packaging is the result of in-depth research into the use of new recycling techniques that led to the creation of a brown-colored triple micro cardboard packaging, without any graphics or decorations, which gives the box a neutral, clean and essential look, guaranteeing protection for all knIndustrie products. Attention to design, to every detail and high technology characterize the production of KnIndustrie and its innovative and sophisticated collections. The inspiration for new versatile and flexible projects, all made with carefully selected raw materials, always follows an eco-sustainable philosophy which is now also reflected in the packaging. The desire to create a recyclable and reusable wrapper starts from the awareness of being able to help reduce plastic waste: this new packaging represents the brand attention and respect for the environment. The new boxes are available in different sizes and can be assembled very easily and then closed by a ribbon with the kn logo, that becomes the key to revealing the contents. By untying the knot, the box opens instantly revealing the item. A packaging completely in line with the needs of the company that believes that "the main communication is entrusted to the value of the product". That's all you need to help the environment, giving an unexpected and magical moment to those who receive a knIndustrie object.
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