Materials kettles

MATERIALS KETTLES THE NEW COLLECTION OF KETTLES Materials, a collection of kettles created by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Made entirely of polished steel, mirrored, proposed in different PVD finishes, add a touch of elegance to the table. For material and shape, these products represent the perfect harmony between form and function. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL […]

Norma ICE

NORMA ICE Piero Lissoni The new ICE finishing for pots and pans The desire to make something so simple yet so unique has led knIndustrie to a new finishing for pots&pans. knIndustrie brings focus to the material and gives it a new look, an ICE look. The collection Norma Ice, designed by Piero Lissoni, is inspired by the pure pleasure of cooking and […]

Lady Anne White

LADY ANNE WHITE Lara Caffi, 2023 THE ICONIC LADY ANNE DRESSES UP IN WHITE The iconic Lady Anne coffee maker by KnIndustrie, design Lara Caffi, dresses up in white.Made of aluminium, in stone washed finish in the classic version, it is now proposed in the elegant total white version to enrich the table with an […]


Teppan yaki tray

THE TEPPAN TEPPANYAKY The Teppanyaki tray from KnIndustrie’s Glocal collection is made from 18/10 stainless steel with a satin finish;  The Tri-Ply steel-aluminium-steel base allows it to be used on any hob, including the grill. SHOP NOW TECHNICAL SHEET

Cedar Plank

CEDAR PLANK by an idea of ​​Chef Saulo della Valle PLANKING, THE COOKING TECHNIQUE ON A WOODEN BOARD One of the best-known cuisine systems in the Scandinavian countries that it was widely used in the past by the ancient native peoples of Canada. Cedar wood releases special aromas that are absorbed by the fish during […]


Glasspot mood

GLASS POT Massimo Castagna 2015 THE GLASSPOT: A NEW ICON A pasta boiling pot made of borosilicate glass, resistant to flame. Non-reactive, so you can use it for boiling any type of food, in the healtier way. Everything inside remain visible; the shape of the pot is simple and the ingredients become from time to […]


BLACK Lara Caffi, 2019 STRICTLY BLACK Aesthetic research puts the accent on contrasting colours and materials: all the non-stick aluminium pans of the Black collection, as their name suggests, are black, inside and out, while their wenge wood handles team up elegantly with the body of the utensil. The wenge wood handle was designed for […]


ABCT RELAXED ELEGANCE: TOTAL WHITE The ltalian name of this collection stems from the peculiar characteristics of its components and the potential dual use:  Antiaderente = Nonstick; Bianco Assoluto = Absolute white; Cucina = Professional in the Kitchen; Tavola = Elegant on the table. A collection of pans, casseroles or low casseroles. Releasing the handle and transforming […]

Eat Big Black EAT BIG BLACK Massimo Castagna, 2016 OVERSIZE RECIPES To cook dishes that are habitually prepared in sizeable quantities, whether to be shared on special occasions or simply to enjoy traditional preparations such as stews  and soups, knIndustrie widens its cookware collections with Eat Big Black. The design approach aims for a contrasting effect with the habitual colours of the kitchen, and seeks clean […]

Stone Work

STONEWORK Rodolfo Dordoni, 2017 The distinctive trait of this collection of pots and pans is the stone washed finish characterising their exterior and interior surfaces, which creates a pleasing contrast with the tactile feel of the handles made from walnut wood. Treated in this manner, the metal endows the entire set with an unusual appearance,  striking a fine balance […]