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BACK/UP Rodolfo Dordoni, 2018 Evolution of the renowned Foodwear collection by Rodolfo Dordoni, the pans in the shiny range become even brighter thanks to the use of glossy steel. Elegant and functional, the new line of pots and pans has been conceived not only to cook the various dishes but also to serve every course. The supporting handles […]


NORMA Piero Lissoni 2019 THE GREAT PERFORMANCES OF TRIPLY Triply is a high tech material with a lifetime warranty. The sandwiched aluminium layer between the two stainless steel layers contributes to aperfect heat distribution for best cooking results. “Norma is a family of cookware whose design is more classical than revolutionary, defined by a meticulous attention to […]


CRETE Studio Q-Bic/Brizzi Riefenstahl THE FLAVORS OF TRADITIONAL CUISINE Cooking food in earthenware is probably one of the most ancient methods in existence. This material enables an optimal exchange of heat and moisture and ensures perfect insulation: it warms up very slowly and releases the absorbed heat gradually to guarantee efficient heat performance.  The Crete collection is ideal for recipes requiring slow […]


FOODWEAR Rodolfo Dordoni, 2011 AESTHETIC FEATURES Objects that perform their tasks in a professional manner in preparation of food but become (after removing the handle) elegant serving pieces when they appear in the table. Pots and pans that take the form of sophisticated serving dishes, beautiful bowl and trays. Usable on gas, in the oven, on induction […]

The Kettle

THE KETTLE Lara Caffi, 2018 Drawing its inspiration from the iconic Glass Pot, the transparent milk pan The Kettle in borosilicate glass features a steel handle. Designed by Lara Caffi, the milk pan is a miniature version of the celebrated pot, reproducing the same unmistakable style. Ideally suited to go from the cooktop to the table. […]

The Salt

THE SALT SALT BLOCK COOKING A salt precious, pure, full of a very broad spectrum of micronutrients is the pink salt that is extracted from the slopes of the Himalayas, known as “Pink Diamond”. knindustrie enrich his collection dedicated to the world of global cuisine that blends with the culinary traditions of our land, leading to the kitchen […]

The Tajine

TAJINE Rodolfo Dordoni THE ART OF CONVIVIALITY North African origin , is composed of two elements : a pan by raised edges and a conical lid. During cooking , the steam rises towards the coolest part of the cover , condenses and falls back on the foods keeping them soft. Ideal for long cooking at low temperatures […]

The Rice

The rice low casserole

THE RICE COOKING IN SILVER The Rice is the copper casserole designed for a superior heat conductivity and a uniform temperature distribution: the ideal solution to toast, cook and stir rice in order to obtain a perfect risotto. The silver inner surface makes it extremely hard-wearing, excluding any transfer of substances to the food and […]

The Pasta

Pasta pot with tongue

THE PASTA Characterised by a clean shape, “The Pasta” is a pot in nickel-free stainless steel specially designed to cook pasta.  It has a solid structure, and the handles are distinctive elements firmly anchored to the body for comfortable and safe grasping. Featuring a stylish brushed finish, “The Pasta” come with a handy wooden clamp that can […]


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